Our story

I am Despina Siahuli, a London based chef that hails from Athens, Greece. I have always been fascinated by food, and especially by how food makes people feel and the memories it creates.

Nine years ago, I quit a job in online media production and started cooking. Soon after, I was selling my food in London’s street food markets, and also cooking and organising cookery workshops at E5 Bakehouse. I’ve also worked in restaurants and cafes in London, including  St. John Bar Restaurant in Smithfield, The Greek Larder in Kings Cross, Hand in Stratford and Today Bread in Walthamstow. In between kitchens, I’ve  hosted cooking workshops in Borough Market, cooked for supper clubs and held a stall selling my food in Maltby Street market.

Pan is my current food project intertwining food memories and traditional Greek recipes with seasonal British produce and new ingredients. Pan is a labour of love. An expression of the food I grew up on, the food I crave, the food I miss. My cooking emphasizes on fresh, seasonal cooking and robust flavours.

The name Pan comes from the Greek word παν meaning all, everything and inclusive. My food captures the essence of Greek cooking – freshness, seasonality, simplicity and sharing – without being constrained by national borders.

What we do

Food Residencies

Private Dinners & Parties

Cookery Workshops

Recipe Development

Food Styling

We would love to help you host your event and cook for you and your guests, feel free to contact us.

What people sayabout us

“Despina’s time, working with us at Hand cafe is very precious to us. We share a deep passion for the ‘Greek’ way of cooking, sharing and enjoying food. Keeping it simple, seasonal, never wasting, sourcing well, being bold without being austere, and making food that’s fun while being sincere. Despina performs these principles with a rare rigor that shines through her food. Despina is very special and we believe she is already playing a very important role in the reconsideration of her homeland’s cuisine.”
Dom Rich & Eva Kostelidou, Founders & Directors, Hand Cafe

“Despina has been popping up around London for the last 5 years or so. It’s always a treat to see a new event – her food tastes and looks really special!”
Dan Calladine, Founder, London Popups

“Despina’s food truly speaks for itself. No need for further descriptions or Instagram filters, it simply looks delicious and the taste is all that really matter. Every dish is a real journey through Hellenic flavours; Hearty Greek recipes impeccably done, that truly reflect her love for cooking, with a “modern twist” able to highlight the freshness of the ingredients even more.
It has been my pleasure to collaborate with her, her laugh is truly contagious! And it was also my delight to see her working so passionately in Mèlisses’s kitchen, experimenting and spontaneously putting together recipes with local ingredients from Andros and our beautiful homegrown herbs and flowers.”
Allegra Pomilo, Owner & Director, Melisses Andros

“The multi-talented Despina was a perfect match for our herb-based cocktails. Her roots in Greece shone through in her abundant knowledge and use of herbs alongside top quality seasonal ingredients to produce lovingly prepared, mouth-watering dishes for our guests”
Lottie Muir, Founder, Midnight Apothecary

“Despina’s food is absolutely delicious! Fresh, authentic and unique. The service was perfect and the communication very easy”.
Ariane Labed & Yorgos Lanthimos

“The authenticity of Despina’s cooking is based on seasonal traditional recipes, inspired by her upbringing in Greece, but with an added explosion of flavour inspired by her own journey. Despina’s passion is evident in every little detail of her cooking. Her warm personality and food stories will capture your imagination, and whisk you off to rural Greek villages. Our guests always feel welcome and comfortable, as she makes the whole cooking experience a fine balance between learning, creativity and fun.”
Marianna Kolokotroni, Founder, Oliveology

“Despina Siahuli is a chef who embraces her Greek heritage and combines it with new cooking techniques to create her excellent and unique dishes. From her elegant starters and generous mains to delicate desserts, her feasts are endless and truly remarkable.”
Gül Hürgel, Fashion Designer & Founder, Gül Hürgel

“Despina was amazingly helpful when we were researching for menu ideas for our daughter’s first birthday.
She put together a great selection of finger food in the end, always willing to make the extra mile. The food she cooked was delicious, the ingredients fresh and healthy. We were all super happy with the outcome.”
Melita Skamnaki, Curator & Founder, Double Decker