Where better to cook with local, fresh and seasonal produce that Greece? Come and join our  four days Mediterranean cooking retreat in beautiful Andros island in Greece. I’m teaming up with the lovely  Allegra Pomilio and the stunning Mèlisses for a unique holiday experience, seasonal cooking and incredible outings to discover more about this secluded and wonderful Greek paradise that it is Andros.

Each meal will take the form of an outdoor feast, savouring Mediterranean flavours & atmosphere. This workshop is open to all levels, from food enthusiasts to professionals, hosting a small group of participants in order to allow everybody to learn and practice as much as possible. Together we will prepare homemade, authentic and unique recipes that reflect the culinary heritage of Andros and Greece. We’ll be visiting local producers, discovering little villages spread across the island, having private tours in monasteries and visiting hidden gems usually known to locals only.