“So when Despina told me about a traditional Greek way of serving food in parchment paper (no plates!), it was the perfect light bulb moment. I almost squealed with joy when I saw Despina’s menu and the final result was as delicious as I thought it would be. It really is amazing how a chef’s personality is reflected in their food: charming, honest, unpretentious and hearty. For someone who is so good with food, Despina is really modest and that’s what makes her food even more appealing to me. Indeed, self-effacement is a true sign of professionalism.

There were a lot of happy diners around the room (what can be a better sight for a dinner party host?) as well as some requests for recipes. So I have decided to have a little chat with the chef about her food and share a few of her delicious recipes.

Where does your love of food originate from?

My family. Every family get together in Greece is an all day feast. The food preparation is a ritual, a labour of love – mums and grandmas want to please everyone in the family. When I cook for my guest it’s feels like I am cooking for my family.”

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